Posted on: April 1, 2010 3:21 pm

Do or die for the Raptors

It is not an understatement when I say that the next 8 games for the Raptors are the most important games in their short history. This is not just about trying to impress Chris Bosh, but also to try to get out of that wretched 8 spot. It will be very difficult for the Raptors to catch Miami or Charlotte but if they can avoid facing the Cavaliers in the first round it would be a win in itself.

Now I for one do not think that Chris Bosh will stay, but I do think that General manager Brian Colangelo has done a solid job providing some nice pieces to compliment Bosh. Getting Jarett Jack to bolster the backcourt was a nice move and getting Jermaine O'Neal and Shawn Marion were nice efforts even though they did not pan out. And also you can not blame him for what has happenned with Hedo Turkoglu who has really underperformed in his stint with the Raptors.

If the Raptors can somehow avoid facing Cleveland in the first round, they have a shot however bleak it may be to cause trouble to either Orlando or the aging Boston Celtics in the playoffs. If they do so there is a slim chance that Bosh might resign and the Raptors could continue to build around him, (hopefully they would build a respectable defense). But I would understand if he does leave. It must be frustrating when other members of your draft class are doing so well and your not getting recognized as much.

Anyways it would be a miracle but if the Raptors can sweep the remaining 8 games in the season and impress Chris Bosh they may be able to build a contending team soon. If not well the best player in the history of this franchise will walk away for nothing in return.
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